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About Taylor's Auto Sales

Welcome to Taylor's Auto Sales!  We are a family owned Pre-Owned automotive sales company located in Greensboro, North Carolina. We proudly serve the entire Triad of Central North Carolina.


-Most of our vehicles are under $10,000 with very low down payments.

-We specialize in helping people securing credit regardless of your credit history.

-Our unique location allows us to purchase cars at the lowest prices in the United States. We are conveniently located off Highway 29 and Cone Blvd in Greensboro North Carolina.

-We fully service & recondition all of our cars on site so there is no enormous service charges that are associated with franchise dealers.



Our Superior Service: 

-We are a fully licensed, bonded & insured vehicle dealership and we honor the opportunity to serve your vehicle and delivery needs.

 -We will buy YOUR car, even if you don't buy OURS!

-Our main focus is repeat business - your happiness is our number one priority! 

-We are not pushy like a traditional dealership. We are upfront and straightforward with all our valued customers.

Apply online, call us or visit us in person.   We are here to help!



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